Let #anygift spark a revolution of change

LETTER TO THE EDITOR— Brandon Valley Challenger

‘Let #anygift spark a revolution of change

The amazing display of the festive fall colors, cool breezes, brilliant sunrises and magnificent sunsets can only mean one thing – the Christmas season is just right around the corner and “tis the season” to give. No need to panic, yet. There is plenty of time for Santa to decide who has been naughty or nice.

Not too long ago, a plain, vanilla envelope arrived in the mail with a handwritten anonymous letter, which held this message: “Warriors Never Give Up came to our attention a short time ago. Being a God-inspired organization sure makes a lot of sense to us. Please accept this gold coin and use it in any way you feel is best to help your participants. We love your mission. We prefer to remain anonymous but we enjoy trying to help good people and good groups do good things for good people who could use the help. Our motto has been anyone, any amount; any place any time; #anygift. We hope you will find a means to spread the word so this may inspire other people to do the same. Please help to continue the campaign. Thanks for your good work. Anonymous”.
After sifting through the contents and reading the articles that had generously been sent to our volunteer non-profit organization, a one-ounce gold coin fell from the bottom of the envelope. The meaning of this donation and the trouble the donor’s went through to send it, is deeply inspiring.

Warriors Never Give Up (WNGU) is a good old-fashioned volunteer, God-inspired non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of our nation’s heroes and their families through outdoor adventures. Generous donations such as this, along with the many other corporate and individual contributions help us achieve our motto: Heroes. Hunting. Healing.
The Christmas season is a great time to spark a revolution of change, giving back, and doing good things for others, which starts right here in our own communities. This simple gesture of giving back, we believe, can bring about real change, hope, healing, and rediscovery for our nation’s veterans.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that have the most impact or the most meaning. I am comforted and honored that Warriors Never Give Up has partnered with such giving people and corporations over the past three years who also share the same passion, a love of the outdoors and giving back to our nation’s heroes.

Although I may never be given the opportunity to meet the person responsible for sending us the gold coin and sparking a revolution of inspiration in our ranks, but we accept the mission and encourage others to accept the mission of generosity as well.

Let’s do our part to let #anygift spark a revolution of change and make a difference to help those in need, help build value in others, and help erase the pain and heartache that so many face.
Our nation needs it, our community needs it, and our veterans deserve it. By working together, we can spark a revolution of change and make a real difference for many generations to come.

To learn more about Warriors Never Give Up and their mission of changing the lives of our nation’s heroes, visit http://www.WarrriorsNeverGiveUp.org.

Brett Bastian
Co-founder of Warriors Never Give Up