New Year New Me

New years resolutions, most people have them, but how many actually keep them? I, like most Americans, will strive to get back into shape in 2017. The fact that it is a popular resolution is not surprising given that two-thirds of all Americans are considered to be either obese or overweight. Those that follow through with their resolution and start an exercise program have less than a 50% chance of dropping out within the first six months. Below are some great tips to help you reach your new years fitness resolutions making 2017 the best year ever:

Set realistic goals. Instead of setting a goal of losing 30 pounds in 30 days, try setting short-term goals that lead you down a path to long-term success. Setting unrealistic goals often leads to frustration and lack of discipline to get the job done.
Choose a time and place to work out. The key to success is to commit yourself to working out on the days of the week that best fit into your busy schedule. Whether it is at home or a gym, pick a time when there will be no distractions, maximizing your ability to achieve your fitness goals.
Find a workout buddy. If you need external motivation, invite a friend to be your workout partner. Friends are a great source of motivation, will help keep you accountable, and will be there for you when the going gets tough. If you don’t have a training partner, consider hiring a personal trainer. They will design, implement, and motivate you toward your 2017 New Years resolution.
Take the first couple of weeks slow. It is important to familiarize your body with the activity that you intend to do. Start out at a very easy level so your muscles can get acclimated to your new exercise program. Going too hard too fast will often create undue muscle soreness or injury that causes you to quit. As the weeks go, slowly increase the intensity and length of your workouts to get long-lasting results.
Do exercise activities that you enjoy. It is much easier to adhere to an exercise program if you enjoy what you are doing. Developing an exercise routine and sticking to it is an extremely important part of reaching your fitness goal. For most of us, it takes 6 weeks of consistency to stick with any new routine. Often times, the body best responds to variation in your activity to keep seeing the benefits of your hard work.
Remember the key to success is to be patient, set realistic goals, choose an exercise routine that is fun, be consistent, and add an accountability partner for long lasting results. By following these simple idea, 2017 can be your best year yet.

Brett Bastian is a avid outdoor enthusiast and wilderness athlete, author, and blogger @