A hunt of a lifetime

My quest for the elusive coues deer began this winter in the Arizona desert after winning a contest with professional hunter and host of Days In The Wild, John Stallone. Too say the least, the wilderness adventure exceeded my expectations. After being picked up at the airport by John and his young passionate protege Shane Edgar, we picked up my license and some essentials for the trip and made our way south into the Sonoran Desert. Heading back into God’s country which He created for us, heading toward a new adventure.

The heart of coues whitetail deer country in the desert is a vast network of interconnected flats and mountains ranges. The desert is filled with ocotillo cactus, palo verde trees, desert scrub brush, varied cactus, oak trees and lots of loud, unsteady, uneven ground. Spot and stalk style hunting is a very demanding hunting style not for the faint of heart. The uneven terrain, elevation change, the art of effective glassing, and the critical thinking that it takes to get close enough to shoot with a bow makes this type of hunt one I will never forget

John and Shane are not only gifted by their craft, they are two of the most dedicated and passionate hunters I have ever met. They taught me patience, effective glassing techniques, stealth like stalking, and skills that I had not previously learned. I have been a bow hunter the last 18 years and to say the least I was humbled spiritually, physically, and mentally by the vast wilderness and the conditions we faced. It was truly a blessing and honor to be in their presence, living out my dreams by this wilderness experience. I arrived a shooter and left a hunter and a better person and was truly blessed by this experience and grateful for the opportunity to share my passion for the wilderness and the outdoors with John and Shane. See you next time on one of my crazy outdoor adventures in the wilderness.